Winter Wonderland Chandelier

Winter Wonderland Chandelier

I always have fun draping and layering festive materials on my chandelier around the holidays.  Now this may be too snowy for you or maybe not snowy enough, but if you scroll down I will show you step by step how to customize your very own winter wonderland chandelier through decorative layering:)

Decorative Bell SpraysOne bell spray

I have a five arm chandelier so I started with five adorable bell sprays. To attach each spray, I just bent the wire around the arm opposite the chandelier arm I was working with.  All of these wires will be concealed with the “snow” later.  Just separate the bell strands and drape over different parts of the arm.  If you do not have anything like these bell sprays, (I purchased them a few years ago) you could get a similar look just by twisting light weight wire around multiple bells and pieces of artificial pine.


If you prefer to keep it simple with this look, you could conceal the wires at the base of the chandelier with small pieces of artificial pine boughs or big bows of tulle or satin ribbon would look nice too.


To add snowflakes or another decorative layer, just gather up some snowflakes or bulbs and some thin ribbon or this adorable tinsel wire (found at a craft store on a spool, just like pipe cleaners).  I hung one snowflake from the end of each arm and then curled the left over wire around my finger for an extra whimsical touch.  I just love curly cues:)


I also hung three snowflakes from the middle of the chandalier at different heights.


OK, let me explain the spider webs:)  This is called, making due with what you have.  I live about an  hour away from the closet craft store so when I realized I wanted to add snow and couldn’t find any stuffing, I was lucky enough to find these wonderful webs just waiting to be used and I gotta say… I think they worked better then the stuffing I have used in years past!  So I just cut about a five inch piece of webbing and gently tugged on it until it resembled draped snow.  I started draping it in the middle, covering all the ends of wires from the bell sprays and then I worked my way out and around the chandelier.  I also add some pieces to the base of the lights but please be careful to keep the “snow” away from the bulbs for safety reasons.

DSCN9894Winter Wonderland Chandelier

Everybody loves a new look for the holidays!  Enjoy:)