trash to treasure whimsical chair

This adorable hand painted and stamped chair just gleams Joyful Daisy!  All it needed was a bath, a new seat, and some paint!!!  I love the Mackenzie Child’s style checkerboard done in cream and yellow.  I thought the traditional black and white check that I have enjoyed featuring on many of my other hand painted projects was a bit to dark for this happy little chair.  The inspiration for this chair started with the fabric for the seat which I purchased at Hobby Lobby off the clearance rack months ago.  I purchased a couple yards just knowing it would perfectly compliment an upcoming hand painted furniture project or sewing project.

mackenzie child knock off chair

 I forgot to take a picture of this chair with it’s original seat. It was a deteriorated woven seat made of jute that smelled so bad I had to remove it before bringing it in the house.  Then I had to look at it for about a week before I started visualizing it’s new look.

My sketches started with just a cream chair and  a very minimal amount of painting in gold.  Then I went the complete other way with the chair completely covered in decorative paint.  As you can see, I ended up somewhere in the middle as usual. 🙂


redone furniture priming furniture painted furniture
Give the chair a bath!  I just hosed it off and then wiped it down with a rag

Once it dried, I applied a light coat of primer.

Lastly, I applied two coats of glossy cream spray paint.


DSCN2125DSCN2123new chair seat pattern

  fixing a chair seattrash to treasure makeover   how to make a new chair seat

Sit the chair on a newspaper and make marks by each leg.

With a straight edge, draw lines connecting marks on the sides, front, and back of seat.

Cut out newspaper pattern piece and tack to chair to check the fit.

Be sure to trim the pattern piece a little on the sides to leave room for the new seat which will be wrapped with batting.

Trace pattern piece on wood and cut out with skill saw.


adding padding to chair seat chair foam Adding chair batting to seat cushion

how to staple batting to chair cushion trim batting on seat cushion adding fabric to chair cushion

how to upholster a seat cushion seat cushion makeover how to upholster small furniture pieces

adding decorative trim to seat cushions Adding decorative rope to furniture how to finish a seat cusion

Trace seat on to foam and cut out using scissors or serrated knife.

Hot glue foam to seat.

Cut a piece of batting large enough to wrap around seat to be stapled to the back.

Staple on batting starting on one side and then do the opposite.  Repeat on the last two sides and then pull in the corners and staple until secured.

Trim excess batting.

Wrap the padded seat to check fabric pattern placement.

Lie the seat, batting side down on the wrong side of the fabric.

Cut a piece of fabric large enough to wrap around seat and then staple it as you did the batting.

Trim the excess fabric.

Begin stapling the rope trim at the back of the chair and continue around the seat.


painting furniture painting mackenzie childs inspired checkerboard how to hand paint furniture

With a pencil and flexible ruler, measure and trace a checkerboard on the top backing of chair.  I made the checkerboard 1/2″ squares so that one of the lines would line up with the crack in the wood.

Using a 1/2″ brush, dip it in light yellow and then dip one corner in the gold to help create a two tone painted square.

how to paint furniture adding paint details to furniture flowers painted on furniture

Dip a 1/4″ flat brush in pink and then one corner in dark red and paint five heart like petals to create flower on the middle slat on the back of the chair.

Once pink paint dries, paint a red circle center and then lightly drag red paint from center to feather out the red paint.

When red paint dries, add yellow dots by dipping the end of the paint brush in yellow paint.

Using a very small brush, add detail lines with dark brown paint.

stamping on furniture

Using a foam brush, dab red paint on to stamp and then press firmly on chair where you want stamped image.  Just a few tips…don’t get too much paint on the stamp.  Also, you can always paint or in this case use the end of a paint brush to add any missing dots or lines.

hand painted furniture

Once stamped flowers have dried, paint in pink centers.

Once that dries add small detail lines and dots with tiny brush and dark brown paint.

striping furniture

For yellow stripes, make small pencil marks every 1″.  Dip 1″ flat paint brush in yellow with side tipped in gold to create varied stripes.  Apply paint in between every other pencil mark.

For the red and black stripes, apply two coats of red paint and let dry.  Make small pencil marks every 1/2″ and then using a 1/4″ flat brush dip in brown paint and then dip a corner of the brush in black and then apply stripes directly over each 1/2″ mark.  Brush light black/brown marks on red stripes to soften.

Using the end of a new pencil eraser, dip in red paint and then add dots to chair around base and top of spindles.

Once all paint has dried, be sure to erase any visible pencil lines and then add a coat of glossy varnish.


fixing furniture

Lie the seat cushion upside down and then line up the chair so you can secure it to chair.

adding whimsey to furniture

To add a little more whimsy.. I decided to add this cute little bird that fell off of an old bird feeder I had.

Fixing hand painted furniture adding dowel to furniture adding bird to furniture

DSCN3539Randy drilled a hole in the top of one of the spindles about 1/2″ down.  The bird already had a hole in the bottom from it’s previous life 🙂

To decide how long I needed the small dowel to be, I just stuck it in the bird and made a pencil line, then I stuck it in the chair whole and made a pencil line.

I added the lengths together and then cut the dowel.

Lastly I squeezed a bit of wood glue into the bird and chair wholes and then placed the dowel in the bird and then on the chair!  How fun!

I have already started my next Joyful Daisy furniture makeover- a cute little desk/vanity, however, I am going to be on the look out for another chair where I can add some fun knobs on the back spindles!!

Hope this inspires and finds you well!!

Cyber hugs,

Amy 🙂

whimsical furniture

This chair is a perfect compliment to my hand painted hutch in the mud room and a cheerful welcome as you come in the side door! 🙂

Click here for more whimsical projects and Mackenzie Childs knock offs.

joyful daisy chair

I party at Savvy Southern Style 🙂


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  1. JaneEllen

    Boy you sure have inspired me. I bought a chair, kinda different style than yours few weeks ago, trying to get ideas how I want to paint it. Would be a good extra chair for when we get company. We don’t have that many seats in living room. Gets pretty crowded when our daughter/family come over, (they’re 4).
    Love your little chair, cute as all get out. Don’t know if I’m into McKenzie Childs style but still got some ideas from your chair, love the bird.
    Think you’re a whole lot better painter than I am but you gave good how-to’s for the painting. I’d need to practice on some old wood prior to attempting any of it on my chair. I’m going to print out how you did this so I’ll have a reference when I do start. If I don’t print it out now will forget where I saw the chair. I have notebook with projects/how-to’s in it that helps immensely.
    Happy Fall and Halloween.

    1. joyfuldaisyforever@gmail.com

      Hi Jane! One more thing I forgot to share, since the base of the chair is a glossy paint, when I made mistakes it easily wiped off with a damp rag I had ready nearby! Then I just started again! So you don’t have to be timid and worry about mistakes, you can just dive into your new chair that is waiting for it’s new look! 🙂

  2. Pamela

    GORGEOUS! Its charming, sweet and I want a chair painted like this one! I had a couple of chairs like this once. Thank you for the tutorial. I love seeing the process. Very inspiring. Thank YOU!

    1. joyfuldaisyforever@gmail.com

      Hi Pam! Thank you so much for commenting! It was so much fun with such cheerful results 🙂 I hope you can find a chair to make your own!

  3. Annabellouise

    This chair is so much fun. It would cheer me up each time I saw it.

    1. joyfuldaisyforever@gmail.com

      Awe, thanks!

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