Welcome… Fairy Party Fun


Welcome to my first post!  I am so excited to start blogging, however, I am what some may call a technological dinosaur.  So despite my zest for new projects and creative ideas this may be a slow process for me!  As I slowly navigate the blogging set up and process I thought I would use the first photos I came across and voila… my Lilybug in her latest fairy costume!  This photo is from an event that I do look forward to sharing with you all in the future- our 3rd Annual Fairy Party, however, I do hope that I will become a bit more timely with my posts and will be sharing Christmas activities soon:)  So if you stumbled upon Joyful Daisy by chance, please check back with us, as I have so much to share!


  1. Linda Davis

    Love the picture and it is beautiful when it is enlarged. Good luck with your blog. I will be looking forward to it.

    1. joyfuldaisyforever@gmail.com

      Awe, thanks:)

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