Valentine’s Day Cake Balls

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Make four yummy flavors with one batch of these fruity cake balls. We chose blueberry, lemon, cherry, and peach.



Valentine's Day Cake Ball IngredientsValentine's Day Cake Balls, Step on bake cake

These are so easy and this is all you need along with the oil, eggs, and water for the cake and a bag of white chocolate too for dipping!

Bake the cake according to instructions in a 9″ * 13″ pan and let cool.

Valentine's Day Cake Balls, Step 2Valentine's Day Cake Balls, Step 2b

Put cooled, crumbled cake into mixing bowl and add can of frosting.  Mix in low high for 2 minutes.

Then divide into for smaller bowls and mix in flavors and colors.  I used 1/4t flavoring for the cherry, peach, and lemon cake balls and 1/2t flavoring for the blueberry cake balls.  I used about 10 drops of food coloring for each different flavor.  You can experiment and have fun with all the different flavors out there.  The small bottles of flavorings I purchased at our local pharmacy.  Then I placed bowls in the freezer for about half an hour to firm up a bit.

Valentine's Day Fruity Cake BallsRemove bowls from freezer and using small cookie scoop or spoon, form cake balls.  Melt white chocolate so it is ready to dip the cake balls.  After dipping each cake ball place a conversation heart or sprinkles on each one.  My daughter suggested that I match the color of the cake ball to the closest color of conversation heart so that we would know which each flavor is.  We didn’t want them to be like the nice box of assorted chocolate creams that you have to keep squeezing to see what each flavor each one is!  LOL!

If you would like to give these as a gift, you may want to check out our coordinating CONVERSATION HEART GIFT BOX that nicely fits four cake balls:)   Find instructions for box at http://joyfuldaisy.com/?p=389

Conversation Heart GIft BoxConversation Heart Gift Box with Fruity Cake Balls