Valentine Decorations - wreath

Valentine Decoartions, close up wreath

Due to my schedule this year I decided to modify some of my Christmas decorations into Valentine decorations to save time yet still share the “love”!  Since the wreath on the front door already had a pretty red bow and ornaments I just removed the large candy canes and added a bunch of different heart ornaments that I had on hand.

Valentine Decorations, front deck tree and wreath

I basically did the same thing with our tree and snowman.  I just removed the candy canes and added some hearts.  I had a bunch of those foam hearts sold in the craft departments so I just punched a hole in them and tied on ribbon hangers.  Then I added them to the tree and then tied one to each of my snowmen:)

Valentine Decorations, tree topper

Valentine Decorations- above armoire

I quickly decorated the top of our entertainment center by removing a few items, leaving the basket and greens and then adding a few valentine’s decorations and some red and pink silk flowers.  I just picked up the 2 felt red hearts at the Dollar Store for $1 each- What a deal!  The pink cats are very dear to me since my mom made them about 30 years ago- Thanks mom:)

Valentine decorations, armoire close up

Valentine Decorations-living room table

A quick ironing of a Valentine bandana and a few odds and ends add Valentine flair to our coffee table.  The heart tin was given to me by the kids a few years ago and houses some of our favorite valentines from years past:)  I also love having little dishes of seasonal candy out to add some sweetness!

How to make a conversation heart vase

This bouquet helps to add some color to contrast all the white outside!

See tutorial at http://joyfuldaisy.com/?p=384

Valentine Decorations-dining room chandelier and table

For the chandelier I also reused some Christmas decorations.  The red bows and sparkly curly-Q’s are from our main Christmas tree topper.  Then I just added some conversation heart strands (see the tutorial @ http://joyfuldaisy.com/?p=431 ) and my Valentine fairy that I made a few years ago.

Valentine Decorations- chandelier

Valentine Decorations, dining room table

My table decorations were really quick.  I just added some bows, heart ornaments, and heart confetti to my silk rosemary topiaries on a simple red runner sprinkled with pink silk rose petals and little pink glass hearts:)

Valentine Decorations - topiary

Valentine decorations, buffet

To make this mirror look a little more ready for Valentine’s Day, I added one of my favorite glass heart Christmas ornaments and few more of those white foam hearts just tucked into the berry garland that I always have up.

Valentine decorations, mirror dining room

Valentine decorations, dining room tapestry

OK, this obviously was really quick, just throwing up some read garland but it really added some color to room:)

Valentine decorationsHere are a few of my projects this year that look cute on this little accent table in the kitchen so I get to see them often:) Conversation heart gift box tutorial @ http://joyfuldaisy.com/?p=389 and Keep Calm frame @ http://joyfuldaisy.com/?p=466

Valentine decorations, kitchen piggy

And last but not least my kitchen piggy, which is so fun to decorate for the holidays!

So if you too are really busy this year, consider reusing some Christmas decorations and just tucking in some garlands and hearts here and there to add some love to your home décor this Valentine’s Day:)