TRASH TO TREASURE- Recycled Thingy-Ma-Bob to Cute Photo Display with Clips

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craft room trash to treasure picture display

craft room organization

craft room clips

This thingy-ma-bob was just what I needed to complete one wall in the craft room.  I wish I new what this starburst like piece was originally used for.  I found it while picking at my grandpa’s antique store in a pile of old metal odds and ends.  With a little spray paint and some cute decorated clothespins, it quickly was given a new purpose to display some favorite photos in the craft room.

trash to treasure picture holder

It was a bit moldy and rusty so I just cleaned it up a bit to prep it for it’s new life!

Trash to treaure picture holder

Add a coat of primer to each side.

craft room trash to treasure picture display plain

From rusty, moldy, gold to shiny silver…it actually looks pretty just like this but why not top it off with some cute clips and photos that I can change regularly 🙂

Now to JAZZ up some clothespins…


how to decorate clothespins

Add a coat of spray paint to each side.

craft room decorating clips

Gather some papers, stickers, and trim.  Cut paper to the size of the clip and adhere on both sides.


Wrap with cute ribbons and trims.  Then clip onto thing-ma-bob to hold photos and odds and ends! VOILA!!

craft room organization 2

And if you are wondering about the cute shelf to the left of my thingy-ma-bob… below is a before picture.

trash to treasure, pepsi crate to shelf

This also came from an old pile at my grandpa’s.  I love the Pepsi on the side but it looked to dull for the craft room’s lime walls.  It just needed a LOT of cleaning up, one coat of primer, and two coats of spray paint.  Then I just screwed it right into the wall where I knew there was a stud.  I just love the little cubby’s to hold mini scrapbook projects and small jars of craft knick-knacks. 🙂

So next time you see a pile of junk, open up your mind a little, look around, and see if you can breathe new life into any of it!  Then be sure to share your trash to treasure project with us, I would love to see it and share on Joyful Daisy to inspire others!  You can contact me at joyfuldaisyforever@gmail.com .


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  1. paperworx4seniors2

    Such fun making something so old and rusty into something shiny and usable. How smart are you? Could put small round mirror on that thing a ma bob when you get tired of putting photos on it. Love being a crafter and seeing what talented bloggers do with things. Have to look outside that preconceived idea. You sure do. Happy week

  2. Teri Terrific

    I’m pretty sure that thing-a-ma-bob is the base of a retro star-burst clock; it wears its re-purpose well 🙂

    1. joyfuldaisyforever@gmail.com

      Hi Teri! Thanks for the FYI 🙂

  3. ejddiy

    Very cute! We would love for you to come and link up with us at Your Designs This Time! http://elizabethjoandesigns.com/2014/06/designs-time-no-14/

    1. joyfuldaisyforever@gmail.com

      Hi 🙂 Thanks for the invite!

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    Made most of these mistakes before too. And I have brought cake home in my fong-ware 🙂

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