Red Velvet Chocolate Cake Shake

Red Velvet Chocolate Shake Cake

Yummo! Leftover cake has never tasted better!  In fact, we may now be making cake just for shakes!  My hubby mentioned this idea earlier in the day when I said I should do something with the left over cake and that’s all it took…we were making red velvet chocolate cake shakes before the day was through!

Red Velvet Chocolate Cake Shakes IngredientsWHAT YOU NEED

For one shake…

1 Piece Left over cake ( Shown is a red velvet cake with chocolate frosting, we cut this left over chunk into about 5 pieces for 5 shakes)

1 cup Ice Cream

1/4 cup milk (or more if you cut a bigger slice of cake or like a thinner shake)

Top with cream, chocolate sauce, and optional sprinkles

Just throw the cake, ice cream, and milk in a blender and blend on high for 30-60 seconds.  Pour in a glass and top with cream, chocolate sauce, and sprinkles.  I mean if you are going to do it…do it right 🙂

This one gorgeous shake got our minds reeling and now we cannot wait to try other flavors!  Let us know what flavors you come up with, we would love to hear from you and pass it on!

Red Velvet Chocolate Cake Shake