How to Make a Conversation Heart Vase

How to make a conversation heart vase

I just love conversation hearts and this year I decided to incorporate them more in my Valentine’s Day decorating.  Since I cannot wait to get out some flowers (notice the snow in the background of this picture, LOL!)  I decided my first project would be a conversation heart vase.

How to make a conversation heart vase, step 2How to make a vase with conversation hearts

First I took a large cylinder vase and then a smaller vase that easily fits inside the larger one.  My smaller vase was a bit shorter, so I filled the bottom of my larger vase with almost 2 inches of conversation hearts and then added the smaller vase.  I just held a piece of paper over the opening of the smaller vase while I poured in the colorful little hearts:)

Then just add a ribbon and your favorite flowers.  My first vision of this project included a bouquet of fresh white tulips but I decided to use some silk flowers that I already had so I could display it immediately:)  An easy way to create a silk floral display is by starting with a plant, so I started this arrangement with the yellow flowers which came together as one piece and then I added the pink carnations which also was purchased as one piece.  Then I added a few individual stems of the hot pink flowers and if you look closely you will find some small individual lavender stems.