How to Make A Candy Box- Perfect Gift with Four Homemade Truffles or Peanut Butter Balls

How to make a candy box decorate

How to make a candy box for four truffles

I cannot wait to show you how to make a candy box in 6 simple steps and then follow it up with some box decoration ideas and yummy recipes!  I am addicted to making these easy yet adorable homemade boxes and you may be too when you see just how easy it is. This is my go to teacher gift this year since my daughter is in junior high and has many teachers that we would like to thank for all their wonderful lessons and support this year.  This is also a perfect gift for all holidays, hostesses, birthdays, thinking of yous, and thank yous so lets get started…

STEP 1:  For the bottom of the box cut a 9″ square and draw a line from each corner to corner on the wrong/back side of the paper.   (For the top of the box, use a 9 1/2″ square)  It is nice to use a medium to heavy weight paper, especially for the bottom so that your box is sturdy.

STEP 2a - how to make a candy boxStep 2b - How to make a candy box

STEP 2:  Fold each corner to the center of the paper and crease firmly with your finger nail.

Step 3a - how to make a candy boxStep 3b - How to make a candy box

STEP 3: With all corners still folded to the center, fold it in half and crease firmly, then undo just that fold and fold it in half on the other side and crease firmly.

How to make a candy box, showing all foldsStep 4 - How to make a candy box

STEP 4:  Undo all folds and your paper should look like the picture above.  Then make a cut 2 creases in on both sides of corners opposite of one another as seen above.

Step 5 - how to make a candy box, first foldStep 5- How to make a candy box, 2nd fold

STEP 5: Fold in one of the uncut corner to the middle and fold up the sides, then repeat on other side.

Step 6 - how to make a candy box last foldHow to make a candy box, completed bottom

STEP 6: Fold in the small sides to secure your previous folds and you are finished with the bottom of the box.  You may want to secure with a piece of tape on the bottom middle of the box.  You can also cut a 3″ piece of paper to create a liner for your candy box (shown below).  Now just repeat the steps with a 9 1/2″ square to create the top of the candy box.

Optional box liner for candy box



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