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mailbox makeover with duck tape 2

How fun would it be to drive down the street and be greeted by these fun, bright, and whimsical mailboxes?!!  Both mailboxes were in great need of a makeover and with the spray paint and duck tape, they were looking lovely in the blink of an eye!  I need to give a shout out to duck tape and Mackenzie Childs for inspiration on this product because ever since I started painting Mackenzie Child knock offs and playing with duck tape it seems everything I look at is a possible new canvas for me to decorate!  If your mailbox is in need of makeover…walk with me through this easy, step by step tutorial so you can create your own postal masterpiece!

mailbox makeover lily black and white

Notice anything different in this picture?????  Well, I took this photo right when I was done with this project.  I put the numbers back where they originally were… not really thinking of placement because I was just so excited with the overall look.   Once I got done patting myself on the back…LOL…I realized how the numbers looked off and needed to be relocated a bit to the left.  What do you think… much better huh?!! 🙂

OK… let me begin with a mailbox makeover before picture.

Ah yes, it is saying, “Help me please!  I am feeling a bit dull and depressed!”

before picture mailbox makeover

Take down your mailbox by removing screws along the bottom sides of the mailbox.

Painting Mailbox Makeover

This mailbox has a removable trim piece that goes on the door of the mailbox.  It was easy to take off by removing six screws  on the inside of the door.  The flag also was easy to remove by removing two screws on the inside of the mailbox.

Wipe everything down with a damp rag and let dry.

painting mailbox makeover

Apply a light coat of primer to the mailbox and all the other pieces.


Apply two coats of paint to mailbox letting each coat dry completely.

painting mailbox numbers


Apply two coats of paint to the other pieces letting each coat dry completely.

Duck Tape Crafts- Mailbox makeover

Measure over mailbox from side to side and cut duck tape 2″ longer then this measurement.  Measure 2″ from back edge of mailbox and make a small mark so you can see where to place duck tape.  Make a small mark on the middle of your duck tape strip and place it on the top of the mailbox at the 2″ mark.  Smooth duck tape down sides and around to bottom of mailbox.

mailbox makeover4

Continue placing strips of duck tape every two inches across the mailbox.  Add the knob, flag, and front trim piece.

mailbox makeover 8

 Wipe post down with a damp rag.  Apply a light coat of primer to the mailbox post.

Once the primer is dry spray the areas white where diamonds and waves will be taped out.

To create diamonds, decide how many you want and how big you want them.  I wanted 7″ long diamonds so I made horizontal lines every 3 1/2″ down the main post.  Then I drew a vertical line down the center of the post.  With these guidelines, draw in your diamonds as shown in picture above.

mailbox makeover 7

I had a wonderfully eager assistant who helped me tape out all the diamonds.

Then we added a few strips of waves masking tape that was left over from our mud room hutch makeover.

mailbox makeover 6

 Thanks partner 🙂

paint mailbox post

Add three coats of paint letting each layer dry completely.

Mailbox makeover

Now for the fun part….removing the tape!!!

Adding monogram to mailbox post

To add monogram, print out a large initial on cardstock paper and cut out to use as a pattern.


Trace initial onto post.

mailbox makeover3

Paint initial.

mailbox makeover after picture close up

Refasten the mailbox to post and add numbers!  VOILA – as I like to say when I finish a project!!!!

One last shout out to the Duck Tape Doctor…”Thanks for letting me use some of your waves duck tape!”

mailbox makeover with duck tape 1


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  1. Michelle

    I love your style!!

    1. joyfuldaisyforever@gmail.com

      Thanks Michelle 🙂

  2. Samantha

    Omg! That mailbox is DARLING!!! Mine needs a makeover in the worst way! Thanks for the inspiration and linking up at Tips and Tricks!

  3. Lori

    What a great idea! Our mailbox definitely needs a makeover…Thanks for the inspiration! Aloha, Lori

    1. joyfuldaisyforever@gmail.com

      Hi Lori and Aloha to you 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

  4. juliaklimek

    WOW! That is adorable! Your mail person must be smiling… What a great idea – I will be looking at my mailbox tomorrow morning with a new “eye”… 🙂 Maybe I’ll surprise my hubby by the time he gets home from work!

    Please come share at the Merry Monday Linky Party Sun at 6pm PST! We’d love to have you and share your awesome idea!


    1. joyfuldaisyforever@gmail.com

      Hey There Julia! Thanks 🙂 I would love to see/hear about your mailbox makeover! And thanks for the invite, I will definitely stop by!
      Cyber hugs, Amy

  5. Kathleen @ Fearlessly Creative Mammas

    Hi there! I’m in love with this mailbox! You will be our feature this week on Tips and Tricks at Fearlessly Creative Mammas. So cute!!

  6. Susan @ Oh My! Creative

    Thank you for linking to Whimsy Wednesday last week! I featured you in my post today! So cute!

    You can see it here…

    Hope to see link up again tomorrow!

  7. Allie

    Love the transformation!Thanks for sharing on Worthwhile Wednesdays!
    ~Allie @ http://thecraftiestallie.blogspot.com

  8. Erlene

    What a cute makeover. How is the Duck tape holding up to the outside weather? I just did a Duck tape wall and love it, but it’s inside. Thanks for sharing on Merry Monday.

    1. joyfuldaisyforever@gmail.com

      Hi Erlene, Great question! So far so good 🙂 With the duck tape wrapping around to the bottom and then fastened to the post, it seems to be unaffected by mother nature!

  9. Lisa | A Merry Mom

    I love your mailbox makeover! It’s so cheery and fun! I’m guest co-hosting at the Merry Monday Linky Party starting tomorrow night, and this my featured pick of the week. 🙂 Have a great day!

    1. joyfuldaisyforever@gmail.com

      Hi Lisa! I am thrilled to be your feature of the week! Thank you so much 🙂

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