JAZZING Up Your Tree with a Decorative Christmas Tree Topper

Complete Santa Tree TopperThis is a picture of my favorite Christmas tree that I put in the sitting area of my kitchen.  It is decorated primarily with candy and gingerbread themed ornaments and has a very whimsical look.  However, without the layered tree topper decorations, it doesn’t look half as cute so I thought I would show you how easy it is to really jazz up any Christmas tree!

Santa Christmas tree with only santa tree topperSanta Christmas Tree without Tree topper

Above you will see a picture of my Christmas tree without a topper and then a close up just the Christmas tree with Cookie Santa tree topper.  Now this Cookie Santa tree topper is one of my favorite gifts that I received a few years ago, but even as fabulous as it is, it needs some VAVAVOOM to really showcase it properly.

Santa Chrismas tree sequin bowSanta Christmas Tree topper with bows

This is what I call decorative layering.  I have heard so many people say they are not creative and cannot decorate but sometimes I find that they just need another decorative layer or step to make their décor or project look finished or more professional.

For this step, I just made five bows (I will try to upload a bow making video or tutorial shortly) and then wired them along the base of my Cookie Santa Christmas tree topper.  I love this ribbon because the sheerness allows the lights to shine through beautifully, the wired edge allows me to create nice full loops that keep their shape, and the sequins add an extra touch by reflecting the light:)

Whimsical decorative step for Santa Christmas tree topperComplete Santa Tree Topper

For the final decorative layer, I added six of these whimsical stems to my Christmas tree between the bows and Santa tree topper.  I just gently poked in the stems, angling them towards the center of the tree and the bows helped to keep them in place.  If the stems are too long just trim them down with some wire cutters.  I like to keep the stems long when I can in case I have a different use for them in the future.  Now just a note, if you don’t have a great tree topper like this Cookie Santa, you can always add more stems or clusters of small ornaments to get a great look.  I will be featuring many more trees that show examples of things like this in the future.

Santa Christmas Tree Complete

With all my heart I wish you a very cozy and MERRY CHRISTMAS.