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HOPPY EASTER:)  I had an idea for another snowman scrapbook layout but my heart yearns for spring after this long cold winter so I changed gears and decided to have fun with lots of fun colors which led to this Easter scrapbook layout!  So grab some jelly beans to snack on and lets get started, shall we…


Grab the usual – your paper trimmer, scissors, adhesives, black pen, and lots of fun colored papers that compliment each other.

I also used some bakery twine, small fun colored brads, and a couple flowers with crystal centers to add a few different textures to the layout.

Download and print Hoppy Easter Pattern.  Cut out and trace pattern pieces on desired papers.  FYI, print out pattern on cardstock for easy tracing.



hoppy pg1 jellybeans pz

OK, start by laying out the title pieces about 1/4″ from the top edge.

hoppy egg pzAssemble large egg with decorative pieces.

Cut out 2 mats 4 1/4″ * 6 1/4″.

Tape 2 pieces of bakery twine about 1/2″ in from one of the shorter sides of one mat and tie a nice little bow- you might need to borrow someone’s finger:)

hoppy cut tails

Cut an assortment of strips of paper from 1″ – 2″ wide in a variety of lengths.  Cut little dove tails at the end of each strip.  If your paper isn’t too thick you can gently fold each strip over meeting the sides and cutting from the corner angled up toward the fold.  If your paper is too thick it may crease so you can eyeball it or make a pattern from scrap paper and then trace.

hoppy strips

Start laying out some strips under your mats.  If you want to know exactly what I used- the grey strip is 2″ * 6″, the green is 1 1/2″ * 5″, the pink is 1″ * 7″, and the blue is 1 1/2″ * 7″.  Also cut a 2″ square from corner to corner to add to the top mat.

Finish page with flowers and mini brads.  Then using a fine tip black pen, add faux stitching if you wish to the letters, egg, and page edges.


 You can always use a ruler to make your faux stitches to help make sure they are straight.


hoppy pg2 jellybeans pz

 Cut 2 more mats 4 1/4″ * 6 1/4″.  Tape 2 pieces of bakery twine about 1/2″ in from one of the shorter sides of one mat and tie a nice little bow- again you might need to borrow someone’s finger:)

Start laying out assorted strips, starting 1/4″ from the left edge and continue to 1/4″ from the right edge.

Eat a couple jelly beans – HEHE to keep up your strength and finish strong:)

Cut another 2″ square corner to corner. Add frames and corners to page.  Finish off with a few paper jelly beans, a few mini brads, and to tie the page two to page one add some faux stitches to a couple of the strips.

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hoppy 2 page layout pz

Be sure to have yourself a beautiful HOPPY Easter:)

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