Don’t you just love the bunny getting ready to peak over your featured Easter photos?:)  This Easter Bunny Scrapbook Layout was so fun to design.  I originally was planning to make pages perfect for egg decorating photos but then I just kept visualizing bunny ears and came up with a title highlighting the Easter bunny’s ears instead.

This is a pretty easy scrapbook layout with just a little cutting involved.  So download and print out your pattern on cardstock so we can get started!

Download Page 1

Download Page 2

I love embellishments but I also love to challenge myself and create beautiful pages primarily using paper.  Well this layout is all paper -no ribbons and flowers and crystals, however, I couldn’t help myself when I found the bunny’s eye brads!  I have had these for so long I do not know who makes them but if you don’t have anything like these, you can cut or punch them out of paper.  They are about nickel size so you could trace a nickel:)

Easter Bunny Scrapbook Title


Cut the Hear IS NEAR piece out to a 2″ * 7″ size starting 1 1/2″ to the left of Hear so you have enough room to add the I.

Now cut out the letters I, E, A, S, T, E, R, and the small insides of the bunny ears and a heart that you can add “stitching” to.

Place all of these cut outs on your title, except the heart. Now layer the whole piece on a contrasting scrapbook paper and then cut around the contrasting paper leaving a 1/8″ boarder showing.  Then you can add your heart.

Easter Bunny Scrapbook page 1


Once you have all your pattern pieces cut out, you only need to cut four 6 1/2″ * 4 1/2″ frames, two 1″ *  12″ pieces of “grass”, and a few more 1/2″ strips of paper to go on the edges of these frames. (See the black and cream mini stripe strips above)  Cut two of the 1/2″ strips 6 1/2″ long and two at 4 1/2″ long.

Easter BunnyLet’s start with the bunny…

Just place the bunny head into the corner and trace the face.  Then add “stitching” to the nose and longer “stitching” to the ears and lastly add the eyes.  If you would like a little more dimension, just pop dot or add dimensional tape under the ears.

Now adhere your 1″ * 12″ strip of “grass” to the bottom of the page.

Adhere your frames 1″ up from the grass and about 1″ from each side of the paper.  Add decorative 1/2″ strips to the outer edges of the frames.

Adhere a tall and short grass cutout to the page between the grass strip and frames, applying adhesive only to the bottom of each piece so you can slide in some Easter eggs.

Now have fun tucking in some Easter eggs, making sure not to apply adhesive where the egg overlaps the frame so your picture can slide in behind them:)

Add three “stitched” hearts to the left frame and place your finished title on the page to complete page 1.

Easter Bunny Scrapbook layout page 2


Start by adhering your 1″ * 12″ strip of grass to page and then add frames 2″ up from grass and 1″ from the side of the page and add decorative 1/2″ strips along the top of each frame.

“Tuck” your bunny ears slightly under the top of each frame.

Adhere an Easter egg to each of the grass corners and then add pop dots or dimensional tape to the straight edges of the grass corners so you can adhere to the bottom outside corners of the frames and your pictures can slide right in.

Complete page by adding eggs and pieces of grass to the bottom of the page remembering not to add adhesive to any “blades of grass” overlapping the frames:)

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