STOP breathe – 8 x 10 DIGITAL ART



It seems these days I constantly need reminders to just stop and consciously relax.  Somehow the muscles throughout my body and even my face have somehow tightened like they have been told to be on guard and ready for attack.  I want to be more loving to myself, relax a little more, and enjoy the little things around me, so it appears that I need some help/work to make this my new normal.

Have you ever been at at yoga class and you think you are relaxed and getting deeper into meditation and then during Shavasana when the instructor tells you to scan your body for any tightening or gripping you find that even the muscles in your face need to be told to relaxed.  I am always amazed at how conscious I need to be to get into a true relaxed body and  state of mind.

Well, as I was eating grapes the other day, I realized that I was more involved in the thought/process of grabbing my next grape then I was in the present moment of enjoying the sweet and juicy grape already in my mouth!  So again I found myself having to tell myself to be in the moment.  It was then that I envisioned the image created for this digital art print.  Sunny yellow color yet in a very mind identifying image – a literal stop sign.



So whether you need to remind yourself to relax or just stop and be more present in the moment,  this digital art print may help you to STOP and do just that until perhaps becomes the new normal.  Ahhhh, doesn’t that sound lovely.

Fortunately with digital art you can print more then one in case you would like more then just one.  For example, I first thought… let’s put it in the office so I can constantly remind myself to relax should any work details compromise my peaceful state of mind that I seek.  Or shall I post it in the kitchen, as I mentioned earlier, my mindless eating needs to stop as I wish to taste and appreciate the foods I eat more.  I could also mix it in with my wall of photos as a fun whimsical reminder for my daily glances.  Well whether I display it where I will see it first thing when I wake up or in places that I will see throughout the day, it is sure to help me along my journey seeking a new normal – peace – living with a quiet mind and light heart.  That peace that passes understanding, that I know is available to us all.  We just need to become conscious and give it to ourselves.  



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