OUR Delightful First FAIRY PARTY!

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Well hello my little tinker fairy!!!

You know those things you talk about and never do?  Well, having a fairy party is something we talked about for almost three years and then finally we set a date!  Yes that seemed to be the key, getting that date on our calendar.  Once that date was set, activities started getting planned, favorite recipes got pulled out, and the wings got dusted off:)

The rest they say…. is history… and I hope you enjoy the recap…

fairy party wand girl.jpg PZfairy party, senior tinker fairy.jpg PZfairy party wand making.jpg PZ


fairy party food prep- dipped marshmellos.jpg PZWhile I started decorating, Lily and Nana Lin were busy with the food.

Now if you look close at the marshmallows that Lily is so carefully and seriously dipping you will see a few brown ones….nope we didn’t toast them but they are covered in toasted coconut!!! Love those little coconut honeys!


Fruity Magic Wands- featured in Fairies Cookbook

Dipped Marshmallow Pops with Sprinkles – featured in Fairies Cookbook

Fairy Garden Cottages- featured in Fairies Cookbook

Raspberry Marshmallow Fruit Dip served with Celery and Shortbread Cookies

Red Punch (1/2 of recipe- it makes a lot)

Nana Lin’s Frozen Lemon Pie (I will try to get this recipe posted soon 🙂 )

fairy party food table.jpg PZ

Fruity Magic Wands and Marshmallow Pops were the perfect treat for our fairies.

Lily made some tissue paper flowers to decorate the table and then sprinkled some little gems around for a simple, quick, yet fairy worthy centerpiece.

Fairy party decorationsWell, we didn’t need many decorations with all the beautiful flowers blooming all around us but I decided to make some big bows out of a wide paper satin ribbon I found with lots of curly ribbon spilling out from the center!

fairy party decorations-martha stewart paper bag star bursts.jpg PZ

I made some PAPER BAG FLOWERS to hang from the pergola and above one of the food tables.  They were fun to make and I loved the way they looked.

fairy party food table2 PZ

We kept the edible fairy cottage building supplies safe in the gazebo until we were ready to make our masterpieces!

OK…snacks are out, decorations are up, wings and eyelashes- oh yes 🙂 are on so …


fairy party- the arrival.jpg PZOh my cuteness!!!  The arrival!  Seeing all these curled and ruffled fairies arrive with twinkles in their eyes was absolutely delightful!!!


Face Painting

Wand Making 101

Story Time

Glitter Time – LOOK OUT 🙂

Ladder Ball

Edible Fairy Garden Cottages – YUMMMMM!

fairy party face painting 3.jpg PZ

While everyone started snacking and catching up I started face painting which was a big hit, although it kept me busy for awhile!  The fairies enjoyed looking through a face painting book that I had for ideas and it made it really easy for me with simple step by step instructions.

fairy party

 fairy party activity - wand making

Next we started wand making, you know… in case you needed a new one 🙂

This photo is not only precious because of the eager little wand maker in the middle but also because it features three generations!  Being a member of the middle generation, I am soooooo grateful that our mom’s found each other and became great friends many years ago!  So thanks moms!!!

fairy party wand making.jpg PZ

Just look at the concentration!!!

fairy party wand display.jpg PZDon’t you just love how the tinker sprite is admiring the little fairy’s new wand!  (Yes I did say sprite not fairy- dad is pretty cool but wasn’t real jazzed about calling our little guy a fairy)

fairy party wand girl.jpg PZ

fairy party wand making2.jpg PZ

To make fairy wands just cut some small dowels about 12-14″.  Cut  a bunch of ribbons about 24″ and place in the middle of the table with some scissors, assorted washi tape, and some wooden beads with holes that can fit on the end of the wand snuggly over the ribbons to hold them in place.

fairy party sharing story time.jpg PZ

While we set up the next activity…making edible fairy houses out of candy, frosting, and cupcakes; the kids had fun looking through some of our favorite fairy books and then gathered together to tell some stories of their own.

fairy party story time.jpg PZ

Must be a good story… 🙂

fairy party activities edible fairy houses.jpg PZ

And now for those edible fairy houses we were talking about!

fairy party - fairy cupcake house assembly table.jpg PZ

fairy party ideas - edible fairy garden cottages.jpg PZ

fairy party- fairy house cupcakes.jpg PZ

fairy party - edible fairy houses.jpg PZ

fairy party- cupcake fairy houses PZ

This was a real hit with our little fairies!

They made great party favors for the fairies to bring home and enjoy later!

fairy party games.jpg PZ

After all that sugar, because you know it didn’t just go on the fairy houses… it was time to play some games.

fairy party, happiest fairy.jpg PZ

One of tiniest and happiest fairies got some snuggle time with mommy!  Not much better than that!

fairy party caught red handed.jpg PZ

Caught in the act…stealing tomatoes!

I guess I should have had more healthy snacks 🙂

fairy party ideas - tinker glasses

And what about these awesome tinker glasses!!!!

These are a Lily original!  She just cut out the bottom of these little disposable, clear cups and then added pipe cleaners to hold them together and to wrap around our ears!  Don’t they look just like the tinker glasses on Tinkerbell?!!  I just love those tinker fairies and my Lily is definitely one of them 🙂

fairy party glitter girls.jpg PZ

Next fairy party activity… to get into the glitter that Aunt Jan sent!

fairy party activity- glitter time

fairy party glitter time.jpg PZ

fairy party glitter girl.jpg PZ

Proudly showing off her own glitter face painting!

fairy party glitter attack 3.jpg PZ

Well… um… it was only a matter of time.  Those girls were done glittering themselves and then… they saw… the boy!!!

He really seemed to enjoy all the attention, I mean what smart lad wouldn’t like three beauties doting on him!

Don’t you just love the little fairy in front holding a mirror for him!

fairy party glitter boy Jed.jpg PZ

He wiped a bit off, but most of it was pretty well rubbed in!  I will have to ask his mommy just how long it took to get the glitter off!

fairy party-time to smell the flowers.jpg PZ

Taking time to smell the flowers is always a good idea 🙂

fairy party portrait 3.jpg PZ

Beautiful new wand and edible wand!

fairy party head to toe fashions.jpg PZ

Our fairy guests didn’t disappoint!  They were dressed head to toe 🙂

fairy party fashions.jpg PZ

This beautiful fairy attracted lots of butterflies!

fairy party face painting 2.jpg PZ

fairy party tinker sprite.jpg PZ

Fairy party serious fairies.jpg PZ

fairy party in the trees.jpg PZ

Thanks for coming sweet fairies…

Fly away home and have some sweet dreams!

JUST A LITTLE FYI for all you fairies out there… if you live by a Halloween super store, be sure to stock up on wings, colored hair spray, and eyelashes the day after Halloween because most of them have 50% off sales 🙂


I linky party at Savvy Southern Style and other linky parties.

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  1. Meghan

    Stopping in from the Worthwhile Wednesday Hop. LOVE this party! It looks like they had so much fun. 🙂 And I love it that the grownups participated, too. It always surprises me how completely I can immerse myself in their world even now as the Mom, if I just put on a costume and go along for the ride. 🙂 Beautiful.

  2. paperworx4seniors2

    This has got to be one of best ways a Mom can be a Mom. A wonderful fairy party, Grama fairies, All the pretty girl fairies and the sprite, baby sprite. This is so wonderful it actually brings tears to my eyes to think how much fun all the kids had and the grown up fairies. Your yard is so pretty, then you have great gazebo on top of it. All the flowers, everything is so perfect, especially for the kids.
    I’ve got to show this to my daughter, she’s always loved fairy stuff. Her girls are kinda old (17 & 14) for this now but she’d sure enjoy it. They used to make a fairy garden in container every year on Mother’s day. They even made me some fairy stepping stones one year. Will forward this to her Facebook page. Happy days

  3. lab1990

    How cute! I really like the edible fairy cottages. I would love to make those now. lol


  4. Linda


  5. Samantha

    Cute ideas! I will save these for when my little babe gets a little older (she’s 1). Thanks for linking up to Tips and Tricks!

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