Decorating Above TV Armoire

Decorating Above an Armoire, Living Room After PictureHow to decorate above an armoire, living room before picture

Adding a few decorative items above your bookcases, armoires, and cupboards can really add a lot to your home decor making it feel more complete.  So I thought I would share a few pictures of our living room entertainment center as I replace the Christmas decorations and prepare for the new year:)

Living Room Armoire, left side

I like to use a variety of items including cute pots, baskets, silk plants, twigs, and stems.  On the left I just placed a pedestal planter with a cascading silk plant and then some curly twigs coming from behind it.


Living Room Armoire, Middle close up

To start decorating above TV armoire I added the large basket filled with a silk plant.  Then I added the green twigs and wooden carved swans.  To add a little more contrast I added the pot in the middle and the berry stems.

Living room armoire, right side

On the right side I just placed another pot, plant, and curly twigs.  Then I tucked one of my favorite fairies in the plant to add a little whimsey.  I finished it up with a few green stems to balance out the larger plant on the other side.  The key is balance, just stand back and see how it feels.  If it feels like there is too much on one side then remove a few items and/or try them on the other side.  Also make sure you choose items with different textures to add interest and visual appeal.