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It always amazes me just how much of a difference decorating above bookcases, armoires, and cabinets can make in a room.  After looking at the photos above, wouldn’t you agree?  It is all about textures and balance…

decor above12

This is a great silk plant that offers a lot of variety with the different leaves and shades of green.  You can always use different plants but to make it easy keep an eye out for combined plants like this.

decor above11

Next we will add some height and a little more texture…

decor above9

decor above8

Tucking in just a few more things…

A sign and you will see we added one more plant with little purple flowers to the right of the sign.

decor above4

 Lastly we added a couple pink peony stems to add a few pops of color for spring time…

decor above3

decor above

decor above 14decor above 15

I hope this gives you a little inspiration for the next time you are decorating above bookcases.


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    • JaneEllen on June 20, 2014 at 10:08 pm

    Very lovely additions to top of bookcase. Pretty bare and blah without any thing on top of them. Great ideas. Being able to put things on top offers so many opportunities which I love, only limited by your imagination and energies.
    I was quite happy when we moved into our mfg. home, could put things on top of cabinets. I keep it little more sparse tho as so much dirt comes into our house from wind blowing almost constantly, very dusty. That could be my constant occupation so I dust when I must and ignore it rest of time. Not too long ago I took everything down off top of cupboards and it’s all yucky up there again. Besides having to clean tops of cabinets have to clean all the chickens I keep up there, ceramic and wood ones that is. I put slabs of Styrofoam on top to give items little height, trying to clean those is the worst. They get a good bath.
    I’d so love to take doors off cabinets but then dishes etc .would be dirty all the time, bummer. Can’t afford the glass I’d like to put in center of doors. Can’t always have all we want so try to be grateful for what we do have, life is too short. Happy summer days for all

    1. Hi Jane:) It often amazes me just how must dust can accumulate! Although I think with me it is how time flies, because I sometimes realize I haven’t dusted a certain area, especially if it is a higher, in over a year!!! Yikes! With the plants, I take them outside and shake them and sometimes if they are durable enough I hose them off. To stack things, I sometimes use Tupperware containers because then I can just throw them in the dishwasher 🙂

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