Valentine Decorations -How to Decorate Your Chandelier with Conversation Hearts, Bows, and Curly-Q’s

How to Decorate your chandelier for Valentine's Day

Conversation hearts aren’t just for eating and reading anymore!  They are so cute and colorful I decided to showcase them in my Valentine decorations and show you how to decorate your chandelier by recycling some Christmas bows and curly Q’s and hanging conversation hearts from it:) How could I go wrong?

How to decorate your chandelier for Valentine's Day Step oneAdding conversation hearts to yarn for Valentine's Day chandelier

Decide how long you would like your conversation hearts to hang down and double it.  Cut as many strands as you would like.  I have a five arm chandelier so I have 5 long strands and 5 shorter strands.  I am using a nice pastel chenille yarn but you could use ribbon here as well.  Be sure to fold each strand in half so that you glue the hearts on both sides going up towards the fold, see picture above on left.  Then place a little hot glue on the back of a conversation heart and then quickly lay your yarn or ribbon over it and then top it with another conversation heart and hold for a few seconds to secure, as shown in above right picture.

How to decorate your chandelier for Valentine's DayRemoving clue on decorations

OK, you might be curious about these pictures but they are demonstrating a cool TIP my mom taught me.  If you look real close at the picture on the left, you will see lots of cobweb like strands that are actually glue and if you “zap” them all with a brief blast from a hot hair dryer they will vanish:)  So I “zapped” all my conversation heart strands to remove those unsightly strands in the middle of my Valentine decorations:)

Adding bows to my Valentine decorationsRecycled Christmas decorations for Valentine's Day

Above left you will see some of the lovely red Christmas decorations I stuck aside in case I wanted to repurpose them in my Valentine decorations.  Well, I am glad I did because in this project I used all the bows and the curly-q’s.  So keep that in mind as you pack up your Christmas decor.

I place one bow on the middle of each arm on my chandelier.

How to Decorate your chandelier for Valentine's DayTo finish it off with a touch of whimsey, I poked in a curly-q stem at each chandelier arm and then between each arm.  (If you don’t have any curly-q’s you could make some with pipe cleaners.)