Conversation Heart Crafts- Magnet Frames

Conversation heart crafts- magnet frames

These are the quickest conversation heart crafts that I have made this year.  It is a really easy and cute way to decorate your fridge or filing cabinet for Valentine’s Day or wrap them up for your favorite Valentine:)

Conversation Heart Crafts, Heart Magnet Frame SuppliesConversation Heart Crafts, Magnet frame supplies


Acrylic magnet frames (Check craft or office supply stores)


Scrapbook paper

Assorted ribbons

Conversation Hearts

Paper trimmer and/or scissors

Glue stick and Hot glue gun

Decide what scrapbook paper you would like to use for a background and then cut it to the size of your frame.  Then trim photo to desired size and adhere to background paper.  If you want to add anymore flat  embellishments you can do that now or wait and do it on the top surface of the frame.  Insert picture into frame.  If it feels like the picture is going to slide out, then use a glue dot or piece of tape to keep it in place.  Usually these types of frames are snug enough to keep the picture in place.

Conversation heart crafts- magnet framesWhile your glue gun is heating up, play around with the placement of the conversation hearts and chosen embellishments.  I like to have all the hearts laid out before I start gluing to see if I need to space them out a bit.  After gluing down hearts, I tied the skinny poka dot ribbons around the frames and secured with a front knot or bow.  Then I added the additional ribbon to the frame on the right, however, next time I will wrap a bit of the ribbon around the right side of the frame and glue to the back.  I just cut it and it looks like it may fray a bit.  Then I cut out a little heart, wrote ALWAYS on it and drew in some little stitch marks, finsihing it up using my last two conversation hearts.