Whimsical Christmas Decorations – Magical Fairy Wreath, Mantle, and Garland

DSCN9987Christmas Decorations with Fairy Wreath and Mantle

I just love my mom’s whimsical Christmas decorations with magical fairy wreath in her TV room where fairies, crystalized nuts and fruits, and iced twigs create a very magical and whimsical feel.  Her mantle is only 5″ deep so the small trees and miniature carved fairies and woodland critters fit nicely.

The magical fairy wreath was originally just the icy twigs with pinecones.  Then she added the wood word Believe and wired it in place.  Then she added a few small stems of mixed berries and greens that came together and then to top it all of she wired in a small whimsical fairy.

The mantle was easily assembled in layers, starting by placing the trees.  (TIP:  If you have a mantle like this that is in a highly trafficked area, you may want to put some adhesive putty to keep the trees from being knocked down taking everything else on the mantle with them.) Then add some lights, I just love this set of 3 golden grape cluster lights.  Then one by one add an assortment of stems that match your theme.  She added golden, glittered pine stems with more of the assorted stems with nuts and berries.  Then if you zoom in will also see some small carved woodland critters.  This would also look nice with some twigs.  I love birch twigs because they have a lot of character even when working with smaller pieces.  Then you can always spray paint them, and/or spray with adhesive and add chunky glitter.

Christmas decor- magical fairy garland

Christmas Decorations, magical fairy garland with crystalized fruit-left sideChristmas Decorations, magical fairy garland with crystalized fruit-right

Christmas Decorations, magical fairy garland with crystalized fruit-corner

This garland above the windows adds so much whimsical ambiance to this room.  She started assembling this garland with a 9 foot airy pine garland and wired it into place with small nails in the top of the window trim and then wiring around speaker in the corner.  Then she added some small white lights and then started tucking in stems of raspberries, stems with assorted berries and nuts, then she added some glass pear ornaments and lastly the adorable fairies:)

Christmas decorations, assorted santas above TV armoire

This doesn’t have any fairies peaking out, however, I think it is a cute display of my mom’s assorted Santa’s above the TV armoire.  The little white lights really help to highlight the Santa display since it is a deep and dark cabinet.  I hope Nana Lin’s TV room whimsical Christmas decorations have inspired you to deck the halls with magical whimsy!