Growing up I was really never a huge fan of writing or reading, however, having children can change many things.  My daughter for instance has gotten so excited about books she has read that she has definitely influenced me to relax a little and enjoy reading more.  Some of my favorite things to read now are her stories.  Don’t you just love those funny stories the kids write and bring home from school leaping from one idea to the next and the spelling can keep you guessing?!!  Well, Lily’s stories have evolved a bit since then.  She loves writing so much that this summer she decided to enter an international writing competition and she was astounded to win third place!  She was over the moon excited!  Since then she has been researching more children’s writing competitions and encouraging her friends to enter as well, so we wanted to share not only her story with you but also some of the other competitions she has found so you can encourage any young writer you know to enter their works of heart, I mean art. 🙂

lily betty awardTo read her story that won $100 and third place in The Betty Award just click download button below…



To view other winner’s stories and details on how to enter The Betty Award just go to…


Lily said that The Betty Awards offered the most generous cash prizes of all the children’s writing competitions she found.  This competition did have a $15 reading fee, however she did find some free children’s writing competitions listed below.

POETIC POWER  is another website that Lily found offering different children’s writing competitions including an essay competition offered 3 times a year to kids in grades 4-12.

 ADVENTURE WRITE KIDS is another website offering a free writing competition for kids of all ages.

There are many more wonderful competitions available online just be sure to check them out including the comments, especially when they have an entry fee.

So if you enjoy writing, take the leap and enter a competition today.  I mean, why not?  Or if you know someone who loves to write, be sure to encourage them to enter, Lily is really glad she did.