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How to Make Caramel Apples Grinch Style

We just love caramel apples at our house and we love the Grinch so when my daughter said she wanted a few gourmet caramel apples for her friends for Christmas I decided to change it up and go Grinchy!  So with a little extra food coloring I will share how to make caramel apples Grinch …

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Whimsical Christmas Decorations – Magical Fairy Wreath, Mantle, and Garland

I just love my mom’s whimsical Christmas decorations with magical fairy wreath in her TV room where fairies, crystalized nuts and fruits, and iced twigs create a very magical and whimsical feel.  Her mantle is only 5″ deep so the small trees and miniature carved fairies and woodland critters fit nicely. The magical fairy wreath was originally just the icy …

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Yummy Grinch Truffles Recipe

INGREDIENTS: Red Velvet Boxed Cake 1 1/2 c water 1/2 c vegetable oil 3 eggs I can of vanilla frosting OPTIONAL 1t almond extract bag of white chocolate chips 1-2 T oil green food coloring OPTIONAL Assorted cute Grinch sprinkles Bake cake according to package instructions. Once cake has cooled, break it apart and add …

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Icy Winter Wonderland Decorations -Christmas Tree and Chandelier

I love the traditional Christmas decorations of rich reds mixed with the icy and woodland elements creating our Winter Wonderland decorations.  This is just a small sitting area off of the kitchen and dining room but it is probably one of the most enjoyed areas of the home, especially with all the Christmas baking taking place. …

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JAZZING Up Your Tree with a Decorative Christmas Tree Topper

This is a picture of my favorite Christmas tree that I put in the sitting area of my kitchen.  It is decorated primarily with candy and gingerbread themed ornaments and has a very whimsical look.  However, without the layered tree topper decorations, it doesn’t look half as cute so I thought I would show you …

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How to Make Easy Gingerbread Houses Loaded with Candy


Our gingerbread houses are perfect in their imperfection!  Over the years when I have searched for gingerbread houses I have found gingerbread works of art where it appears the creator has a fine arts degree and a very steady hand.  While I love looking at these beauties, they just don’t look like that much fun to make …

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Christmas Piggy Decor

I have so much fun with my kitchen piggy.  From his mask at Halloween to creating my Christmas piggy by adding his festive Santa hat, I enjoy dressing him up just as much as adding a new quote or image to his chalkboard.  With his hat I did have to safety pin it a bit …

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Winter Wonderland Chandelier

I always have fun draping and layering festive materials on my chandelier around the holidays.  Now this may be too snowy for you or maybe not snowy enough, but if you scroll down I will show you step by step how to customize your very own winter wonderland chandelier through decorative layering:) I have a five …

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