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How to Make Sugar Scrub – SPA PARTY FAVORS

This is so easy, I cannot believe how much I have paid for sugar scrubs in the past!  Not only did we save oodles by not buying a bunch of body scrubs for everyone at Bath and Body, we were also able to customize and match the scrub and packaging with her party them and to top …

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I am amazed at how much more relaxing it can be to lie down with a flax seed filled eye bag resting gently on your eyes.  Not only does it block out light but the weight of it is rather soothing and relaxing.  I also love having lavender in mine so that I can enjoy the …

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Not only are these cookies some of the best I have ever had, they are also a great activity to have at a party.  I mean how fun is it to make your own custom cookie?  This idea stemmed from me always wanting a white chocolate, pecan, dried cherry cookie, yet always getting outvoted as the …

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LUNCH LOVE – Fun Kid Lunch Ideas & Printables

Make a simple lunch very special with our FREE printable lunch notes.  We love sticking notes in the kids lunches so I decided to print out notes for each item this Valentine’s Day, however, they would be cute anytime you want to surprise your kiddos:) FREE LUNCH NOTES OK, this is super simple.  Just make …

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THE CANDY GAME-Tons of fun for all ages!

Thank goodness my nephews came today so we could play another crazy, loud round of the candy game AND I could document it and share with you in hopes that it brings you and your family as many fun, CRAZY memories as it has brought us!  We have played the candy game since before having children and now some of the kids are reaching …

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Red Velvet Chocolate Cake Shake

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Yummo! Leftover cake has never tasted better!  In fact, we may now be making cake just for shakes!  My hubby mentioned this idea earlier in the day when I said I should do something with the left over cake and that’s all it took…we were making red velvet chocolate cake shakes before the day was through! WHAT …

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How to Make a Small Gift Box with Lid-Make a Taller Bottom to Show Off Cute Paper

truffle box, cardstock box, how to make a box, gift box,

I love choosing the paper to make these boxes, however the bottom of the box with it’s adorable complimentary paper is always hidden, so we decided to show you how to make a small gift box with a taller bottom:) STEP 1: Start with a 10 1/2″ square and draw lines from corner to corner, then fold …

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