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How to Make a Snowman Box

cardstock gift box,box template, snowman box,truffle gift box, gift box

Ok, maybe you can relate… 2AM and you wake up with another way to expand upon your latest project and then you are too inspired to get back to sleep!  Well that’s how this how to make a snowman box idea came to me.  Fortunately, it turned out as cute as I envisioned because sometimes those …

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Yummy Grinch Truffles Recipe

cake balls, Grinch, grinch cake balls, Grinch truffles

INGREDIENTS: Red Velvet Boxed Cake 1 1/2 c water 1/2 c vegetable oil 3 eggs I can of vanilla frosting OPTIONAL 1t almond extract bag of white chocolate chips 1-2 T oil green food coloring OPTIONAL Assorted cute Grinch sprinkles Bake cake according to package instructions. Once cake has cooled, break it apart and add …

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How to Make A Candy Box- Perfect Gift with Four Homemade Truffles or Peanut Butter Balls

I cannot wait to show you how to make a candy box in 6 simple steps and then follow it up with some box decoration ideas and yummy recipes!  I am addicted to making these easy yet adorable homemade boxes and you may be too when you see just how easy it is. This is …

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How to Make Easy Gingerbread Houses Loaded with Candy

Our gingerbread houses are perfect in their imperfection!  Over the years when I have searched for gingerbread houses I have found gingerbread works of art where it appears the creator has a fine arts degree and a very steady hand.  While I love looking at these beauties, they just don’t look like that much fun to make …

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