THE CANDY GAME-Tons of fun for all ages!

Candy Game

Thank goodness my nephews came today so we could play another crazy, loud round of the candy game AND I could document it and share with you in hopes that it brings you and your family as many fun, CRAZY memories as it has brought us!  We have played the candy game since before having children and now some of the kids are reaching their teenage years yet they are still all eager to play.  But who wouldn’t want to play, seeing all of their favorite candies piled high in the middle of the dining room table just waiting to be scooped up, this is an game loved by all ages!

Candy Game Gang

The Candy Game Gang – Ages 4 to…… well Aunt Jen and Nana Lin are missing from this shot!

candy game action shotCandy Game Action ShotCandy Game Action Shot

Candy Game Action ShotCandyCandy Game Action Shot

Candy Game Action ShotCandy Game Action Shot

Grab your seats and get ready for a wide range of emotions to surface… the excitement, the crazed I want it all feelings, the frustration, and ohhhh did I mention the loudness!  Thank goodness the neighbors aren’t too close or we may have had the cops a knockin at the door!  If you click on the photos above, they will enlarge and you can witness the CRAZY range of emotions the candy game evokes!

Candy Game Main Winner

Well….anyone that knows Lily, knows that she would do just about anything for you, however, her candy looks highly guarded after this spirited game comes to an end!  I should mention now, as well as, in the instructions that this is a great opportunity to teach sharing at the end of the game:)

pizap supplies

LOTS OF CANDY- Think of some favorites and get those in large sizes!  For special events, not that seeing my nephews isn’t special, but for birthdays perhaps you could throw in some I-tune cards.  My brother suggested a new twist….replacing the candy with little bottles of liquor and then maybe throwing in a pint to represent the larger candy bars:)  If you try this please share your fun with us!

3 Dice


instructions pizap for candy game

Start with all the candy in the middle of the players.

The youngest player starts by rolling all 3 dice.  If they roll doubles they get to pick one candy and roll again.  If they get triples, they get to pick 2 candies and roll again.  Once no double or triples are rolled, they pass the dice to the person clockwise from them and so on.  NOTE: If they roll double threes, they have to put all candy back in to the center and then pass the dice to the next player!

Once all candy is gone from the middle, the real excitement begins!  Oh yeah, get ready!  In the final round, you set the timer for 15 minutes.  Now every time a player rolls doubles they get to pick a candy from any other player they choose!  And with triples they again get to choose 2 candies from any player!  Double threes are treated just like any other rolled doubles in this round!

Be aware of players hiding candy up their sleeves or on their laps!  Yep, we have witnessed even the most honest of players fall into this temptation over the years!!!!  You may also see alliances form pregame, as certain players agree not to take candy from each other in the second round (This Hunger Games generation loves alliances:) ).  Also just be warned that all this excitement and candy flying from person to person can frustrate the littlest players, so we always assure them that we all share at the end of the game:)

I hope this games brings you many generations of fun!


Jonathans cute little feet

 I know I was suppose to be documenting this event for you all but I kept getting distracted by Jonathon’s cute little feet:)